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Love Sucks Honestly | 1/14/2016

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Hi Everyone. Am I the only one who thinks love honestly sucks? I hope not. I've been in a relationship for the last two years and more frequently a year. Before this current long lasting relationship, I've been in many others. Not to sound like a slut at all. But I've learned the ropes of a relationship pretty well. I've just been heart broken every single damn time though. What's wrong with my love? I love with all my heart and I always give myself 110%. I've been told I'm weird and a bit crazy but that just makes me a lot more fun, doesn't it? Well... In my opinion... :P I wouldn't just want some boring 'perfect' relationship. I just don't know guys... I think/thought I found the one but that one is giving up on me for no reason at all and it's quite bullshit if you ask me. Like I promised this person that I would never give up on them regardless of whatever happens and I also promised forever. It sucks ass that I'm the only one following through with this promise. We've gone through a lot together and they're mad at me for some petty reason when I have thousands of reasons to be mad at them? Like it's so unfair but it's whatever, I'll let this person act immature af and childish af and hopefully one day karma will hit them up for me. I literally gave this person all my time, attention, love and feelings. I was always there for them, understanding and supportive. I helped them through so much shit like self harm, bullying and such and you're gonna give up on your 'ride or die' over something so petty smh. People are just  so stupid, I swear. I could literally sit here and write a 20 page blog about how much this situation annoys the hell out of me. You literally let your 'depression' and your 'friends; get in the way of OUR relationship which is, like complete bullshit. We went from a relationship with a strong bond, powered by absolute love to a one sided douchebag who only cares about their own feelings. I swear y'all don't give your heart away to just anyone. Think twice before you hand that shit out or give someone it for real though. It won't bandage, stitch or hot glue back up for a loooooong time. Also, don't take love for granted or people because once you end up with nothing, it really sucks and hits you real hard. Y'all probably have been reading my tweets and seeing how depressed I've been lately. If you're reading this, I just really want to apologize for the negativity coming from my feed. It's just hard going through what I'm currently going through. I want to FIX things I want to TALK things out but nope someone has to be selfish and it's just so fucking annoying, I swear. I can't stand immature and childish people, if you can't talk things out and fix things with your boyfriend then you're never meant for a relationship, ever. Real couples talk things out, they don't just give up easily like thats some real bullshit. It's a relationship, relationships consist of 2 people. Not just 1. You don't just care or consider your own feelings, you have another person you love who has feelings too. I honestly don't know what to do guys and it's just so hurtful how someone you trusted and believed every single word that came out of their mouth could do this to you after all you've been through. Ever after all the pain they've caused... I still try. Day after day and every single day I just get hurt even more when they choose to continue to ignore me. We'll just see when I drop them like they dropped me and a few months down the road they see they've made a mistake and I'm just gonna pull a you on them.

I honestly don't even know where to go from this point. I'm like a lost puppy. A very lost puppy. 

Does anyone have any advice? If so leave it below in a comment or DM me.

​Just remember, I love you. Thank you for being there for me. You're the best babe.

I hope you're not going through what I'm going through because it's honestly hell.

If you have been through a heart break, leave a comment so others can see what you have to share.

It's just hard to find someone else when you're a rat/potato. Any suggestions?

Plastic surgery is probably my best option, ugh.

Maybe a heart transplant.

& a brain transplant so I can forget this person.

​Yeah, that sounds a lot better haha.

I don't know guys haha I'm lame. I'm a dork. I'm a loser. But I'm yours. <3


I think I'm actually married to my dog.

I literally can not leave my house or go to the bathroom without this little shit.

He cuddles with me and he has to eat every last bite of my food haha.

At least someone is always there for me and loves me.

Sorry guys I'm in a committed marriage. *wink wink*

                                                                                                        -written by @BrandonCyrus

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