50 Interesting Facts

1. I'm 21 years old.

2. My birthday is February 7, 1994.

3. I have a mini pin named Peanut.

4. My favorite color is purple.

5. I live in Beverly Hills, CA.

6. I moved from Nashville, TN when I was 8.

7. I'm afraid of heights and death.

8. I love Grey's Anatomy,

9. I'm a Pretty Little Liars addict.

10. Hannah Montana was my big first hit.

11. Yes, I am actually related to Miley.

12. I've been doing social media since 2008.

13. I was addicted to MySpace back in 2008.

14. I listen to more cover songs than original.

15. I prefer Twitter over Insta & FB.

16. My natural hair color is blonde.

17. I love BruhItsZack & Nick Bean.

18. My full name is Brandon Westly Cyrus.

19. I'm a romantic. I'm very charming.

20. I'm weird as hell and that scares people.

21. I donate to homeless gay youth via HH.

22. I don't do alcohol, drugs or smoking.

​23. I love Taylor Swift, Demi L & Justin B.

24. I'm currently in college.

25. I'm getting my degrees in performing arts.

26. I've been acting before I was 8 years old.

27. I often confuse my left for my right.

28. I'm left handed.

29. I'm very forgiving.

30. I hate manipulative people who use me.

31. I like to adventure with my sexuality. 

32. I love racing cars.

33. I love the luxury rich white boy lifestyle.

34. I love pumpkin spice lattes.

35. I hate winter season.

36. I love fall season.

37. I watch over 20 YouTuber's.

​38. I suffer from depression & anxiety.

39. It's hard for me to release emotions.

40. I give the best hugs, as I've been told.

41. I cuddle hard as fuck.

42. I hate letting go.

43. I get VERY VERY jealous.

44. I sadly remember all my exes.

45. I love watching minecraft.

46. I love pop music, music back in 07's.

47. I'm a loser and a dork at heart.

48. I have a sexual side.

49. I wanna fall in love.

50. You're beautiful.

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